Pork Belly Taco :Our signature single marinated crispy pork belly, corn tortilla, slaw, spicy mayo, seasme seeds


Poke Bowl: A little taste of Hawaii Jasmine rice with Ahi Tuna, Crab, Edamame, Cucumber, Carrots,.

Hot Chicken Sandwich A large fried chicken thigh dipped in a mild chili oil, served between TX Toast with slaw a pickle and a side of fries 

Combo Fried Rice : A savory classic take on traditional fried rice 
:add a portion of protein choose 
Fried Chicken, Shrimp, Pork Belly, Tofu   $5

Adobo Chicken W/ Rice Braised chicken with soy and spices served over a bed of rice.

Tso Sticky Ribs Pork spare ribs, glazed in our sesame forward sticky sauce 

Miami 88’ Glazed Pork Belly on a bed of white rice with a fried egg

Tuna Tostada: Ahi Tuna and some veggies  on a crispy house made tostada. 

Lumpia Filipino pork “spring rolls” with dipping sauce

Pub Style Pretzel 

Giant Quesadilla: Massive flour tortilla stuffed with cheese, and ham served with pickled jalapeños. 

Poké Nachos: Glazed Ahi Tuna mixed with edamame, carrots, jalapeno, on a bed of wonton chips. 

Brussels Sprouts: Fried brussel sprouts tossed in Szechuan honey sauce and walnuts.

Pulled Pork Sliders: Two pulled pork sliders, with slaw, pickled onions with a side order of fries. 

Gremlin Fries with Gremlin sauce

Fried Cheese Balls: Battered Mac n Cheese in a creamy beer-cheese sauce.

Cubano: Cuban style sandwich with pork, ham, potato crunchies and cheese. Pressed.  Served with pickle spear & onions. Comes with a tside order of fries.

Gremlin Wings       
1/2 pound panko crusted wings choose your signature sauce.                   Korean: signature spicy sauce                                                                      Garlic parm: Roasted garlic w/ Parmesan                                                        BBQ henny : sweet, sticky a’lil smoky 
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